Electrocare ECK-2105 Electric kettle


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Methods of use and points of note

  • This product has a safe grounding plug-in to ensure safety.
  • When a jettke is filled with water,the water surface should be lower than 3cm in the mouth of the kettle so as not to overflow when boiling ,causing danger.
  • After filling the water ,insert the wire connector first,and then insert the electric plug .If no water is burned,the safety equiptment of this electric kettle will automatically cut off the power supply.
  • Before the first use,put the electric kettle to the highest water level,pour the water after boiling,and then use cold water to wash the pot.

Technicals parameters 

  • Product name : Electric kettle
  • Voltage: 220v~
  • Frequency: 50Hz
  • Power: 1500W

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