Car Charger 2 Usb CC0190.


Brand: Techfuerza

Manufacturers supply bullet car charger 2.4 A car charger



  • Use for smart phone digital camera, GPS, MP3, MP4, tablet, digital device, etc.
  • High quality original battery, safe and efficient, support quick charge and discharge .cycie charging up to about 1000 times.
  • Standard universal USB output port. Plug and play.
Warm tips
  • Before using the product, please read the User Manual to know each function and operation of the product
  • If you will not use the power bank for a long time then you need to charge it once every two months at least, Before you make the product to be idle, you should keep 50% product capacity
  • when you are Using it, the device may get a little hot due to input and output resistances, it is in a g000 condition if its temperature under 55C
  • Please don t little electronic products, please recycle them to local recycling place

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