Baltra Active BIC-124 Induction Cooker


Brand : Baltra

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Product details of Active Induction Cooktop 2000W
  • High Thermal Efficiency
  • Push Button Control
  • 7 Cooking Functions
  • 4 Digit Digital Display
  • Over Heat Protection
  • Warm Mode
  • Auto Pan Detection
Baltra Induction Cooktops are super handy kitchen appliances used for cooking food in an easy and hassle-free manner. These state-of-the-art, technologically advanced induction cooktops are not only sleek and good to look at but easy to clean too. They come with a copper coil and temperature control for healthy and safe cooking. They are energy efficient too!
Specifications of Active Induction Cooktop 2000W
  • Brand : Baltra
  • SKU 104982996_NP-1026551000
  • Number of hobs 1
  • Type of induction cooktops Portable
  • Wattage 2000W
  • Cooktop Type Portable
  • Cooktop Surface Induction
  • Model BIC124

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